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Space 220 Review

I tried Epcot's newest restaurant, Space 220, and this was my out-of-this-world experience!


Getting Reservations

With how crazy busy the parks have been recently, I thought I had no chance of getting into Space 220 on my most recent trip. If you're feeling the same way, don't give up! We walked over to the host stand first thing in the morning and secured a last minute reservation for lunch that day. I would recommend checking for reservations 60 days in advance of your visit, but if you don't see any availabilities, I often see last minute cancellations on the app the day of.

The Experience

We were greeted by the host in an alleyway to the right of Mission: SPACE, and taken into the restaurant where we received a space elevator boarding pass.

This was our ticket to the Centauri Space Station. We were then brought into the elevator by a cast member and we ascended into space! This elevator ride was a few minutes long, and comfortable for all guests. It felt similar to a ride, but not at all thrilling or motion sickness inducing.

Here is a video of the elevator ride that took us to the restaurant:

The space station / dining area is a magnificent display that makes you feel like you're actually eating in a space station.

Every once in a while outside your window you can see an astronaut floating around by your table.

There are many immersive signs that add to the feeling of actually being in space.

The Food

Space 220 has a pre fix menu, that has something for everyone. Each dish is inspired by outer-space but also very routed in traditional flavors and well beloved dishes. The menu is accommodating to picky eaters and those with dietary restrictions as well.

We started with the drink menu, and tried The Nebula and the Atmospritz. Both drinks were a perfect balance of sweet, without overpowering the alcohol. The presentation was also exquisite, and I would love to see the rest of the cocktails from the menu.

The Atmospritz came with a performance, as the waitress poured the mixed drink over a cotton candy cloud. We watched it melt before our eyes.

The appetizers were my favorite part of the meal. They were very flavorful and also very filling. We got a variety of appetizers and shared amongst the table. Which is definitely the way to go if you want to try multiple dishes to start.

I tried the Blue Moon Cauliflower, which was just the right amount of spicy. For my meal I ordered the Bluehouse Salmon, which came with a delicious sauce. I'm glad that the appetizers were so filling because the dinner portions were a little small. The salmon also came with a fun presentation!

Space 220 was an amazing experience, beyond just a meal. I would recommend this for a bit of an older audience, if you're looking for an elevated dining experience.

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