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DCA Food & Wine Festival 2020

This year I wasn't able to try as many festival items as I would have liked, but here are some highlights:

Peppers Caliente

Grilled shrimp tacos and poblano pasta

These menu items were full of flavor but also extremely spicy. The pasta was very tasty and the tacos had a fresh crispy shell. I would not recommend this marketplace if you are sensitive to spice.

Off the Cob

Shrimp and braised corn

This was a delicious combination of flavors, especially the chorizo and corn base.

Golden Dreams

Seared salmon

The salmon in this dish was cooked perfectly but I was not a big fan of the relish on top and the rice was a little dry.

Avocado Time

Fried guacamole with carne asada

This was my favorite dish that I tried at the festival this year. I don't typically like steak but the meat combined with fresh tomatoes and warm crispy avocado was delicious.

Honorable Mention:

Carbonara garlic macaroni and cheese from Garlic Kissed was so creamy with the perfect amount of crunch on top.

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