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Festival of the Holidays

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

This December at Epcot we welcome Festival of the Holidays and all of the delicious treats it brings!

Just like Food and Wine you can get your festival passport and start filling it up with food destinations, merchandise and shows.


American Holiday Table

Turkey on top of mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and green beans

Pecan Tart

If you love Thanksgiving, this meal will remind you of home. There are so many holiday flavors packed into this one dish.

Holiday Sweets and Treats

Peppermint chocolate milkshake

If you're in the mood for hot chocolate but it's too hot in Florida- look no further.

L'Chaim! Holiday Kitchen

Smoked salmon potato latkes

This latke also comes without the salmon, and is delicious both ways.

Refreshment Port

Turkey gravy poutine

This is my personal favorite, and is very filling. It might be the best value at the festival. Similar to Holiday Table this tastes just like a homemade Thanksgiving dinner, but over fries!

Tuscany Holiday Kitchen

Collezione Barilla penne pasta with sausage

The pasta and pizza here are very comforting, and a great place to get some carbs if you're drinking around the world.

Bavaria Holiday Kitchen

Pork schnitzel with mushroom sauce and spaetzle

This dish reminded me of a mini version of the Biergarten buffet.

Feast of the Three Kings

Cheese stuffed arepa with avocado and shrimp

This is another dish that can be made without shrimp. The arepa was perfectly cheesy and the sauce on the shrimp went amazing with it.

Yukon Holiday Kitchen

Salmon with parsnips and apple chutney

The apple chutney gives this a great sweet and savory flavor combination, and the parsnips almost taste like mashed potatoes.

Shanghai Holiday Kitchen

Barbecue pork with rice and a fortune cookie

The fortune cookie that comes with this makes it feel like Chinese take-out at home, the sauce goes really well to flavor the white rice.

Fire & Drum

Apple pie sundae

This is a delicious sweet treat if you love apple pie à la mode- and it looks beautiful too!

Shi Wasu Holiday Kitchen

Sushi Tree

As much as I love sushi, this was a tad hard to eat, and I wish it had more fish.

Las Posadas Holiday Kitchen

Giant tostada de puerco

This was also a bit hard to eat but it was well worth it. The crunch of the tostada is perfect.

Candlelight Processional

Each year Epcot welcomes an array of talented choir groups and musicians to perform Christmas Carols at the American Adventure auditorium. Each night features a special guest including celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and Warwick Davis.

The nights with popular celebrity guests can be very crowded, and the line for seats will start early on in the day even though there are three performances each night. I recommend getting a standing room spot behind the benches instead of risking getting in line for a seat that's not guaranteed.

Christmas Tree Spree

Much like the hunt for Remy during Food and Wine, the Christmas Tree Spree map can be purchased at any merchandise location. The scavenger hunt for Chip and Dale takes place all around the World Showcase. The prize at the end is your choice of one of three ornaments!

Cookie Stroll

(should be the cookie crawl)

This is similar to the Fromage Montage at Food and Wine where you can collect stamps at certain festival kitchens when you purchase a cookie. After five cookie stamps, the sixth is complimentary!

Cookies ranked:

1. Crinkle Cookie from the Three Kings

2. Linzer Cookie from Bavaria Kitchen

3. Peppermint Pinwheel Cookie from Yukon Kitchen

4. Gingerbread Cookie from American Adventure

5. Complimentary Sugar Cookie from Sweet Treats cookie window

6. Black and White Cookie from L'Chaim

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