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Drink Around the World Showcase

11 Countries. 11 Drinks. Let's Do This.


1. France

I know what you're thinking, why start in the middle? We used the resort entrance and needed pastries, but don't worry we go in order the rest of the way. It was worth it.

Pictured here we have the first drink of the day, a classic mimosa paired with a croissant jambon fromage from Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie.

2. Mexico

Now we're on the right track with a Fiesta Margarita from Choza de Margarita. This drink is fun for a hot day, and for those who can't decide which flavor they want to try.

In this beautiful stack of lime, strawberry, and mango, my favorite was the mango.

3. Norway

Norway was my least favorite stop only because I'm not a beer person. This is an Aass Pilsner (pronounced aus) from the Norway Beer Cart.

Must ride Frozen Ever After while in Norway!

4. China

From Joy of Tea we found this delicious Kung Fu Punch made with vodka, triple sec, pineapple and orange juice.

Also around this time we decided to try to find Remy in every country! Remy's Hide and Squeak map can be found at any Food and Wine kiosk- and the prize for finding all the Remys is a cute water bottle.

5. Germany

Okay, I said I didn't like beer but Schofferhofer from the Germany Beer Cart is different.

This beer is mostly grapefruit so it was a very pleasant experience.

6. America

Yet again, we went out of order because we got hungry!

The Regal Eagle is a must stop on a World Showcase adventure.

On the left is pulled pork and Texas toast, with several different bbq sauces to choose from. Our next drink was an Angry Orchard, an American classic. We finished our snack stop with an apple crumble cake which was full of chunky apples and delightfully sweet.

7. Italy

We quickly circled back to Italy (we didn't forget about her) and grabbed a drink from the Food and Wine Festival kiosk.

This was a White Sangria!

8. Japan

From the Outside Sake Bar we were tempted to try sake, but chickened out and settled for this Tokyo Sunset which was a safe but rewarding choice.

This cocktail had coconut rum, peach schnapps, banana liquor, and pineapple juice.

9. Morocco

This was another Food and Wine kiosk stop, for the Mimosa Royale.

This mimosa was similar to a classic mimosa but topped with orange liquor.

Besides the drink I highly recommend the Hummus Fries at the same kiosk!

10. United Kingdom

This pavilion, I believe, has the best place to get drinks in the park. The cast members are fun and the Rose & Crown offers a wide variety of drinks on tap.

Here I had a Strongbow Cider, which I've heard is also good with a shot of Fireball.

11. Canada

The last stop on our tour was the Canada Beer Cart. At the cart I found the Ottawa Apple specialty drink to be very fitting. It includes Crown Royal maple whiskey, apple and cranberry juice.

This drink tasted great but did not photograph well with flash.

Thanks for joining me on my journey drinking around the world!

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