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Springtime at Disneyland

Updates and Tips for Visiting Disneyland this Spring

Typically Disneyland in Spring would mean a Food and Wine Festival blog post, but after three years I figured I'd switch it up and talk about some other Disneyland updates! This post is all about the other fun things to do when visiting in the Spring of 2023.

This year in California we had a lot of rain- which means it's time for a super bloom! The rain really brought the flowers this year and I am not mad about it. Disneyland has the most beautiful flowers this time of year, which will make for the most beautiful photos. Especially in at the hub!


Turns out going on an Easter Egg hunt as an adult is just as fun as when you're a kid- if you're at Disneyland! The Eggstravaganza is similar to Remy's Hide and Squeak in EPCOT, where you can buy a map with a list of locations at most retail locations and then go exploring for a prize. Once you find all the hidden Easter Eggs, you can claim your prize. The prizes are these adorable little character Easter Eggs. The best part is, you can go on your egg hunt in Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, or Downtown Disney. With a different map for each location, you can get a prize no matter what part of Disney you are visiting that day.

I conducted my egg hunt in Disneyland and DCA so that I could collect my Chip and Dale prizes! Some eggs were harder to find than others, and it's a great way to spend your park day if you are more of a sightseer than a ride person. The highlight of my day was when I ran into Chip and Dale near the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. I was having trouble finding Dale's hidden Easter Egg, so he made himself into an egg! This was such a cute interaction, and it really brought the Disney Magic.


I would highly recommend the Baby Yoda Starbucks drink, I have featured in some of the photos throughout this article. To order it, ask for a "dirty chai with matcha cold foam".

Grizzly River Run Trail

While hunting for eggs, I came across the now open Grizzly River Run Trail, which runs behind the attraction. It's a bit off the beaten path, so it's completely quiet and peaceful if you're looking to avoid crowds. It also has a beautiful view of the attraction, and it's a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the park.

Nutmeg the Disneyland Cat can also be found on this trail! She usually hangs out around this area during the day and can be found taking an adorable nap or wandering around Grizzly Peak.

Food and Wine Festival

If you are visiting DCA for the Food and Wine Festival, I would recommend checking out my blog post from last year, since there are a lot of repeat booths!

Since I didn't have the chance to try all the new foods at the festival this year, I don't have a complete recommendations list- but I did get to try a few!

In Avengers Campus at Terran Treats you can find this Lemon Raspberry Pie Churro Swirl that is only available during the festival. They have "Spiral Ration" churros year round, but those pale in comparison. The lemon brings a perfect tartness to round out the sweetness of the churro. My only qualm is that it is very messy- have wet wipes on hand!

If you're looking for a quick sweet treat to end your day, stop by the Berry Patch for a Mixed Berry Cheesecake or a Blueberry-Buttermilk Pie! Both dishes are very dense and rich, and berry flavored, but if I had to recommend one over the other I would say the buttermilk pie is a bit more unique.

The other booth I checked out for a snack was Nuts About Cheese. They offered an elevated version of Crackers & Cheese with a creamy fromage blanc, herb cracker, and cherry jam. I also tried the Petite Burrata with pesto and tomato and olive jam. The flavor combinations on both of these dishes were incredible. I had a slight texture issue with the ciabatta on the burrata getting a bit soggy, but the cracker was wonderful. Flowers & Bees was the featured cocktail at this booth, and as a fan of gin, I had to give this a try as well. The elderflower liquor was very unique with the honey, hibiscus, and lavender syrups. Like most Disney drinks, it was not very strong, so the syrups were a bit overpowering. Definitely make this booth a priority!

Other beverages I tried were the Wine Float Cocktail from Paradise Garden Grill and the White Wine Flight from Uncork California. The wine flights during the festival are always a hit, they even had a mimosa flight this year!

A new merch item that was available for the festival this year was a stemless wine flute from Corkcicle- they were so cute! Sonoma Terrace was Corkcicle branded for the occasion.

One final Disneyland update is the new sugar sculpture in the Grand Californian Hotel is up to celebrate 100 years of the Walt Disney Company! Cast Members will say there are 5 Hidden Mickeys in the display, and they are tough to find! I just absolutely adore the Fab Five's Disney100 outfits.

So many new adventures are out there this time of year, so enjoy the Springtime at Disneyland!

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