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DCA Food and Wine Festival 2022

Welcome to your guide of the MUST-TRY foods at this year's Food and Wine Festival!

Before we begin, I have to recommend the Sip and Savor Pass. It's extremely useful for quick and easy ordering, and it'll help you save money (especially with a Magic Key discount). One of the biggest festival hacks I learned this year is that you can order items from different booths at the same register. So if the line for Garlic Kissed is long, you can order your garlic mac and cheese from any booth! Just bring your receipt to the correct pick up and you're all set.

Now on to the festival booths!


Black and Tan Beef Potato Puffs is a very fancy title for tater tots topped with shredded beef. This dish deserves the fancy title, and is worth every penny. The stout gravy adds a unique flavor, and the spongy topping was something I had never tried before.

Garlic Kissed

This booth had the longest line for pick up, but the Carbonara-Garlic Mac & Cheese is worth the wait. It is a crowd pleaser, and will be loved by all (even the more picky eaters).

Golden Dreams

Don't miss this booth, a little off the beaten path towards the Grizzly Peak area. The Honey Orange-Glazed Salmon Salad is very refreshing and one of the more healthier options of the festival. The salmon is high quality as well.

LA Style

At this booth, it was not possible just to choose one item. The Glazed BBQ Pork Belly is beautifully plated and has a great value in portion size, and the Gyro-inspired Flatbread was very unique in flavor and concept. The vegan chorizo was surprisingly delicious, and the chickpeas added a lovely crunch.

Peppers Caliente

The Chile Relleno Empanada was a great snack, with a cheesy filling. It was not spicy, as the booth title suggests.

California Craft Brews

Although the IPA Sausage Dog may not be the most Instagram-worthy dish at the festival, it is definitely yummy and filling. This one is a little messy and hard to split with friends but has fun toppings and will not disappoint

Paradise Garden Grill

Some quick service restaurants such as the Paradise Garden Grill serve smaller portions of their festival dishes, eligible with the Sip and Savor Pass. The Char Siu Ribs are worth using the pass for. The sticky ribs are absolutely delicious.



Soarin' Over California is back in California Adventure during the festival as well!

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