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The Food of Food & Wine Festival 2019

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

The highlights from this year's selection at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival!


Coastal Eats

Lump crab cake

Baked shrimp and scallop scampi dip

The crab cake comes with a creamy avocado topping that when paired with the coleslaw makes this dish light yet filling.

The bread tastes great dipped in the scampi. It's a very rich and creamy dish.

The Wine & Dine Studio

Seared Scallops

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Although this dish may sound like a weird combination, the truffled celery root puree was so flavorful and delicious. The only thing that would make this better is more brussels sprouts.

The ravioli was paired perfectly with the pumpkin seeds to add that crunch.

Refreshment Port

Duck confit poutine

This poutine stand has the best portion sizes out of all of the Food & Wine locations. The duck was a little more expensive but was well worth it.


Chicken Dumplings

These chicken dumplings are the perfect snack when walking around the China pavilion.



Apple strudel

Schinkennudeln is a cheesy noodle dish baked with onions and ham. I would describe this dish as fancy macaroni and cheese. The apple strudel is also served hot and is topped with a beautiful vanilla drizzle.


Spanish style paella

This paella was a pleasant surprise with the meat to rice ratio.


Ravioli carbonara

Costine di maiale

I would recommend if only getting one dish from Italy, to make it the costine. These are pork ribs that are fall of the bone delicious. The ravioli is good but not a showstopper.

Hops & Barley

New England Lobster roll

Carrot cake

Being from New England, the lobster roll is a classic favorite. For the portion size the price isn't too crazy. The carrot cake was also moist and smothered in cream cheese icing.


Spicy roll

If you can handle spicy foods, this roll is for you. The portion is decent, it's just not cut up into bite sized pieces.


Belgian waffle with berry compote

Out of the two Belgian waffles I recommend the berry compote because it's not too sweet. The waffle was a generic toaster waffle but the compote was worth it.



Pao de queijo

Pao de queijo is a classic Brazilian cheese bread that is always a favorite at the festival. I dipped the cheese bread into the sauce that came with the Moqueca, which is a seafood stew. The stew had a decent variety of seafood.

Appleseed Orchard

Frozen apple pie

This dessert is hidden in the back of the Canada pavilion. It looks like a drink but I suggest eating it with a spoon so you get the crumbs, the apple slushy, and the apple pie filling all in one bite.

Active Eats

Salmon with Quinoa and Grains topped with avocado

The Cheese Studio

Beef Stroganoff

Maple Bourbon Cheesecake

The Cheese Studio has three of the most photogenic dishes in the festival. The cheesecake has a beautiful caramel drizzle and the beef is so tender it will melt in your mouth.


Bangers and Mash

This is perfect if you're craving comfort food suitable for more picky eaters.


Croissant aux Escargots

This croissant was surprisingly well filled with escargot. It was served hot and is perfectly flaky on the outside.

The Donut Box

Strawberry Donuts

Corn Fritters

The new Donut Box stand has a variety of yeast donuts lightly dusted with flavors of strawberry, or chocolate. I recommend getting the strawberry smoothie if you just want to try the donuts instead of getting a bag of four. The corn fritters had great texture but lacked in flavor of corn.


Spicy Hummus Fries

This dish was spicy, but the cucumber complimented that spice very well. The crispy hummus fries were delicious.

The Chocolate Studio

Nitro Chocolate Almond Truffle

Twinning Chocolate Chai Milkshake


Taco de Puerco

Tostada de Carne

The flavors of the two were delicious, but I wish there was more filling, or two tacos for this price. I prefer the tostada for the crispy base.

Flavors from Fire

The Blended Burger (not pictured) was the perfect portion for a slider, and was well seasoned.

Shimmering Sips

Cheesecake Trio

These cheesecakes were tiny treats that came with a beautiful strawberry drizzle. The original cheesecake was my favorite of the three. None of them were as good as the pecan cheesecake from The Cheese Studio.


Madras Red Curry

The sauce mixed with the rice makes a tasty combination full of flavor.


Kalua Pork Slider

This little slider was overflowing with perfectly cooked pulled work and topped with a pineapple chutney.

Islands of the Caribbean

Jerk-Spiced Chicken

This dish had the perfect amount of spice, but I could have done without the sweet plantains.

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