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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

How to make the most out of your Halloween party

  • Arrive at 4pm in costume

  • Get a picture on Main Street with the pumpkins

  • When you first arrive you will head to the right of Main Street to pick up your treat bags. Look around for Halloween themed statues!

  • Get in line to meet your number one character (most people go for Jack and Sally or Pooh and friends) The characters will come out at 7pm so if you get in line right before then there should be minimal wait.

  • Try the Lots-o-burger at Cosmic Rays- this burger is made with brie cheese and fig jam, topped with an onion ring.

  • Catch Cruella de Vil wandering around

  • If you have a sweet tooth try the Amock cupcake at Starbucks on Main Street. Personally, it was too sweet for me and I much preferred the spiderweb cinnamon roll.

  • Do not miss the parade- the second one should be less crowded. The best spot for the parade is Frontierland. All of our favorite characters are there including some talented ghost and pirate dancers. The highlight of the parade is the hitchhiking ghosts.

  • The Hocus Pocus show is worth seeing, the Sanderson Sisters are hilarious and give a stunning live performance. (the very last show has less crowds)

  • The fireworks show is only on once, so if you want to see Jack, stick around for the show. If the show is less important to you, the lines for the rides will be a lot shorter at this time. Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion are the only rides that are modified for the party.

  • At Sleepy Hollow there is a delicious pumpkin gelato sundae with chocolate Mickey waffles. Also while you're there ask for the headless horseman straw. At the Golden Oak Outpost there are cinnamon sugar donuts that come in a hitchhiking ghost as well. To the left of the castle there are Jack and Sally cake push pops at the popcorn stand. They are sold separately so make sure to get one with a friend!

  • The party ends at midnight so make sure you get everything done that you wanted to do before the last Hocus Pocus show. The transportation home will be hectic, so I recommend going to the busses if the boat and monorail seems backed up.

Happy Halloween!

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