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Get Your Ears on Celebration

Celebrate Mickey's 90th birthday at Disneyland California with novelty foodie finds!

Here are the must-have special menu items during the celebration:

Mickey Donut with apple filling

Found at Schmoozies! in California Adventure, this donut went above and beyond my expectations. The filling ratio is perfect and the donut itself is more textured like a croissant. The only downside is the frosting. I could do without the frosting and sprinkles.

Butterscotch Beignets

These delicious beignets were the highlight of my trip. Found at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square at the Disneyland park, these Mickey shaped iconic snacks now have a new twist. The butterscotch flavor is just subtle enough to be flavorful but not too sweet. And they photograph well!

Mickey Chicken and Waffles

A classic southern breakfast, now with a celebratory twist is located at the Carnation Cafe in Disneyland. Make sure to get a reservation because this goes fast! This restaurant also offers plain Mickey waffles and the dish was easily customizable. This was a fun take on a well loved breakfast item. You can't go wrong with a Mickey Waffle and some tender fried chicken.

Caramel Corn Churro

Located at a churro cart in California Adventure, this treat is hard to find. It was well worth the extensive search. Each churro is drizzled with caramel sauce and sprinkled with buttered pop corn individually at the cart. If you're a fan of salty and sweet combos- this is for you. The salty and sweet caramel corn adds a delicious crunch to the classic churro.

Cookies and Cream Bread Pudding

This warm bread pudding drizzled in frosting with a dollop of whipped cream is a great way to end the night at Disney California Adventure. Make a stop at the Pacific Wharf Cafe for this cute Mickey shaped dessert. The edges got to be a little dry, but the middle was irresistibly gooey. The line can be a bit long so don't forget about mobile ordering!

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