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Food and Wine Festival

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

What to eat at Disneyland California: Food and Wine Festival

Food and Wine: March 1-April 23


Tip: Sip and Savor Pass will give you eight coupons to use over multiple visits

Nuts About Cheese

The Fiscalini white cheddar lager soup in a mini boudin sourdough bread bowl was perfect on a chilly March afternoon. Perfect for cheese lovers!

Citrus Grove

The orange chicken and rice had great flavor, and came with refreshing tangerines. The actual chicken was a little disappointing; similar to a regular chicken nugget

Berry Patch

Strawberry and coconut rice "frushi" with yogurt sauce was super fun and shareable. Great for a sweet tooth while also light and refreshing.

Peppers Cali-ente

If up for an adventure, try the ghost pepper mac and cheese with chili cheese corn chip dust. This was an extremely spicy snack, only for those up for the challenge. Proceed with caution on this dish!

Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit

This marketplace had a great selection of vegetable dishes. The grilled asparagus chicken caesar salad was especially delicious when trying to recover from ghost pepper macaroni.

Avocado Time

If looking for vegetarian options, this marketplace has an "impossible burger" slider that tastes like real beef. The star of the show was the roasted chicken on pita with avocado hummus. This dish had great flavor combinations.


The salt and vinegar parmesan chicken wings had just the right amount of cheese, the salt and vinegar was not overwhelming.

Garlic Kissed

The garlic soy-braised pork belly banh mi is a must try. Pork is cooked to perfection.

LA Style

Two delicious beef barbacoa tacos with pickled ginger can be found at this marketplace, hidden away from the rest of the markets. Don't miss them!

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